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Name: Barbosa

Cutie mark: A Jolly Roger

Species: Earth Pony

*Strengths: The pirate captain has a way with words. He doesn't only resort to threats, but has also been known to use bribery and blackmail. He claims that there's not one jail in the world that can hold him, though he hasn't actually been to one. He also has a keen sense of sailing and the weather. He can sense a bad thunderstorm a mile away. The threats levied by Barbosa are often hard to make out in his poor pirate grammar.

*Weaknesses: Despite having worked in the sugar trading business, Barbosa has never been to school in his life. He can't even write his own name. A school filly can read a five hundred page book faster than him. Not only that, but a life on the treacherous sea left him having a preconceived notion that no one can be trusted.

Crush: "Don't waste my time with yer nonsensical ramblin' lad."

Looks: A black Earth Pony with a dirty brown mane. His Jolly Roger cutie mark is white with the eyes deep black. He wears a dirty trench coat with grimy boots and a big worn-out hat with a yellow feather in it and red lacing. He can always be seen chugging down a large seemingly bottomless bottle of cider.

Backstory: The self-appointed king of pirating, Barbosa gets his humble beginnings in the sea. He started out as the cabin boy for a sugar trader. The life at sea was a great life for Barbosa. To feel truly free, as if nothing could get you. It was here that Barbados learned the pirate's code "Take what you can. Return nothing." The high seas were always full of looters and plunderers who would like nothing more than to climb aboard your ship and take everything you got and sell it to the highest bidder. He was still young when he and Stellio, his master, were attacked by pirates and taken hostage. They were used as slave labor on the ship and Stellio eventually died due to the beatings he would receive. After about two months, Barbosa rallied the slaves in a mutiny. They would take the ship for their own. This is where Barbosa met Steel Core, a minotaur who beforehand was an iron miner, hence the nickname. Steel Core was a large gray minotaur with nearly six ear rings and his chest was covered in tattoos he got during his teenage years. The same night they planned their mutiny, the ship's captain, Sickletooth, was in his quarters counting the bits from the last plunder. Barbosa led the charge up to the deck and bolted straight for the captain's quarters, where he threw the captain out the glass window into the sea. The rest of the crew was dealt with that same night. Barbosa appointed himself as the ship's new captain with no other contestants. He renamed the ship "The Black Cauldron" and appointed Steel Core as first mate. From that day since, Barbosa and his new crew of thirty buccaneers have sailed the seas looking for adventure, pleasure, and fortune.


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